Festspielgarage Erl

Parking structure for the Tyrolean Festival Erl

An elegant threshold for the new Festival district

The new festival parking structure is the final component in the repositioning of the Tyrolean Festival Erl. The parking structure with capacity for 550 parking spaces has been built not far from the famous Passionsspielhaus and the spectacular new Winter Festival Hall.

Guests can park on 3 spacious and bright levels. Due to the geometry of the site the parking garage does not need any ramps. Each parking level has a separate access. Levels can be opened and closed individually depending on the demand.

The designof the parking structuredevelops its own character,in the context of thefestival halls andthe landscape. The buildingacts as a “launch pad for the festival.” When approaching from the south, from the festival halls, it is very carefully embedded in the landscape, whereas from the north, from the village however, it is clearly visible.

Here, the parking structure becomes a stage for the festival’s guests: When exiting each of the 3 parking levels, visitors enter a gallery overlooking the Inn valley. The festival houses come only gradually into view while passing through fields of flowers and grazing cows.

In the southwest part of the building an emphatic 150mlong wallcreatesa clear separationbetweenparking area and the external staircase. Quite on the contraryin the northeast,the largevolume of theparking structureintertwines withtheenvironment. The building is finely structured by the vegetated façade, consisting of v-shaped concrete columns and a perfectly fitted dress made of stainless steel.

The innovative, three-dimensional color schemetogether with the lighting design offer optimum orientation. Orange and white color patches arranged like a chessboard on floors, walls and ceilings transformeachparking levelinan individual, distinctive and cheerfulspace of color. Through the skillful change of primary and contrasting tones, these colors seem to dance.

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