ExCeL Phase II

In the development ExCeL Phase II, Grimshaw extended the existing building by providing 32,500 sq m of flat-floor exhibition space, creating a watershed figure total of 1,000,000 sq ft. ExCeL London was recently designated as London’s International Conference Centre by Mayor Boris Johnson and is worthy of its place on the architectural world stage as London’s second largest Olympic venue.

Phase II’s building design creates a grand entrance, a 15m high exhibition hall and top-grade, flexible conference facilities. The striking yellow-edged spiral feature provides a new external landmark for the eastern entrance. It also aids natural wayfinding across multiple levels whilst internally acting as a strong visual anchor and termination to the extended 600m long boulevard space.

The development has instigated stronger DLR links between ExCeL and the nearby Prince Regent Station, creating a less crowded, easier-to-navigate arrivals experience for all visitors. What sets ExCeL apart is how its components have been imaginatively combined to create a unique experience for visitors, conference guests and staff.


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London, United Kingdom (GB)


  • grimshaw architects
  • Edmund Sumner, Mark Humphreys