Everett Community College Student Fitness Center

The Everett Student Fitness Center stands as a healthy building that inspires action while abounding in daylight, fresh air, and the buzz of activity– all factors which help create a community in which mind and body are in balance.

Anchoring Everett Community Colleges eastward expansion, the building is expressed as a simple, honest structure nothing extraneous, nothing hidden that brings unexpected beauty to the traditional notion of gymnasium and provides access to a dynamic environment long hidden from its neighbors. Expanses of curtain wall and sliding doors, along with playful compositions of spherical lights at each entry, beckon visitors inside.
Like the human body with its strong central organs and pulsing circulatory system, the exposed structure represents the buildings bones; the gym is its heart wrapped by support and training elements; and the circulation areas signify the constant flow of life in between. Vivid, warm colors for the track, stairs and mezzanine reference sporting gear and say Get moving! Open to each other and flooded with natural light, all levels share sights and sounds and the buzz of excitement.

Sliding glass doors, strategically located throughout, allow for both visual connectivity and natural ventilation. At the juice bar, paired doors expand the seating area to an exterior court, while open sliders at the weight/fitness room, multi-purpose room and second-floor balcony walkway not only give passersby inspiring views of numerous activities, but also circulate fresh breezes.

Linear and unit skylights and vertical glazing allow daylight into every occupied space. In much of the building, passive ventilation with operable windows and relief penthouses eliminates the need for ductwork. Additionally, automatic windows respond to CO2 levels to ensure healthful air independent of user control. Anticipating LEED Gold certification, this remarkable facility embodies the spirit and energy of good health and athletics.


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2000 Tower Street , Everett, 98201,