Eureka Tower Car Park Signage

Architype presentsEureka Tower Car Park Signage
Architype Dialogue presents Garry Emery What was the most difficult issue about weaving the environmental graphics into this building or the most unexpected challenge that may have influenced new......
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This is a memorable approach to wayfinding within the cavernous concrete car park beneath Melbourne’s Eureka Tower. Perspectival distortion has been used to manipulate space and form, and to mix two and three dimensions. Warped super-sized letterforms can be read as IN, OUT, UP and DOWN only when the motorists reach the appropriate point in their journey.

A projector was used to cast super-sized letterforms onto walls and floors, such that the letters fall across the wall-to-floor junction and wrap around corners. The letters were traced with brightly coloured paint. The result is a series of bold graphic illusions realised through false perspectives. From different vantage points, the super-sized letterforms are perceived as either abstracted or informative.

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