Esprit Benelux Headoffice

Recently, the headquarters for the fashion brand Esprit were completed. Esprit is one of the largest fashion brands of the moment, with a young and dynamic image. The building was required to create a powerful and striking image and radiate the Esprit spirit, but also had to be neutral and timeless, leaving the possibility to change over time. The design provides a hybrid building that includes office floors, showrooms and corporate functions. The building is as well a tailored suit, tailor-made for the user, as it is flexible and timeless with the possibility to absorb different functions and future changes in the program.
The Esprit Building is a striking building on the Krijgsmanlaan in Amstelveen. The landscape is lifted and extended into the building, in order to create a uplifted and transparent entrance. The parking is resolved under the uplifted plinth, and invisible from the entrance of the building. The plinth is a welcoming gesture to the environment. Here are the entrance lobby, the restaurant and the cafe situated, with terraces where you can sit outside in the sun. The superstructure is formed by an oblique-shaped volume where the windows are carved in lopsided shapes. An aluminum plating in a light silver/bronze metallic color where a filigree free formed pattern in relief is made, forms the lining of the building. The pattern consists of bubbles and holes in a wavelike pattern. The metallic color, the perforations and the relief makes that the building has an ever changing appearance that changes with the light conditions
throughout the day. The shaped volume is carried by plinth of nature-stone blocks and large boulders that anchor the building into the landscape.
The interior is organized by a large monumental staircase, covered with wood. The staircase connects the three floors together to offer
insight into the activities at different levels. The wide stairs can be used as display for clothes or as a exhibition area. On the top floor is a patio where you can relax. The sunlight falls through the large windows of the patio deep into the building. Because of the lopsided shaped windows there are many different spaces: high windows, low windows, crooked windows, windows ascending or descending windows, create a dynamic light show and a characteristic silhouette along the highway A9.


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Krijgsman, Amstelveen,