‘ESPAICAIXA’ in Girona

The objective of ‘ESPAICAIXA’ in Girona Architecture is the transformation of the existing building into a cultural and social center with institutional representation. At the beginning of our project we have a dark building, half buried without any quality in their areas, located within a block of flats in the city of Girona.The program, very varied, ranging from an auditorium with capacity for 180 people to an exhibition hall, a computer room and administrative area.

We work on the existing building to squeeze the power of expression of the internal space and propose a powerful image both inside and out.

The research of this new image has generated a new world of evocative interiors. Drawing on the roof of the Pedrera, we propose a continuous white ceiling but malleable and broken, he had an expressive self and to be present in all the different areas of the EspaiCaixa varied program. Likewise, the inner patio paradigm of Casa Batllo we define the characteristics of the vertical separators space, as Gaudí tiles, are inked a blue-green tone to give freshness and bring light.

Both the ceiling and vertical walls and tinted glazes give unity to the whole and guide the user.

The energetic aspect transpires within its peculiarities to the facade of the building, which partially ink interior colors. Despite the contrast between EspaiCaixa and residential buildings that surround it, the integration into the urban fabric improvement over the existing building and becomes an apple inside busy and frequented by locals.


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Girona, Spain

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