Energex Headquarters

The new ENERGEX workplace brings together over 1700 staff, currently dispersed throughout Brisbane, to create an open, collaborative work environment. The move aspires to drive cultural change, improve productivity and efficiency and create a new direction for the organization.

Located on the fringe of Brisbane’s CBD, the design of the new six level headquarters provides large flexible floorplates, organised around an open lift core and three full height atrium spaces. The openness of the spaces supports the flow of knowledge and fosters greater collaboration within and between each of the company’s divisions, by creating strong visual and physical connections, and high levels of transparency throughout the building.

Communal spaces, such as meeting rooms and breakout areas, are clustered around the edges of the three atrium spaces, which are also activated by carefully located sculptural staircases, promoting connectivity between different levels. Work stations are developed from a “kit-of-parts” approach, supporting a range of different work styles while providing flexibility for future adaption. The workplace design is focused on a number of environmentally sustainable initiatives, including working towards a high Green Star As Built rating, which will reflect both in the way the workplace has been built and in the way the spaces are experienced and used.


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Brisbane, Australia

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