Dolce Hotels and Resorts Munich Unterschleissheim

As the Munich property is the first to be built from-the-ground-up with Dolces new design standards, JOI took particular pride in expressing the brands ideology when creating the interiors. Each circle within the three-ringed O of the new Dolce logo represents a tenet of the corporate commitment to nourishment, connectivity and community. The design of the new Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim is nurturing, accessible and inspiring, drawing on both the masculine and feminine symbols of Bavarian culture.

Upon entering the hotel lobby, guests are greeted by the apotheosis of traditional Bavarian life a life size sculpture of a cow. As the guard of the stairs leading to the conference mezzanine above with its numerous meeting rooms, she welcomes guests and encourages them to start their stay with a sense of humor. Natural materials such as the honey colored oak of the reception desks, the hammered copper of cowbells hung above and the speckled terrazzo floor help establish a wholesome note that supports the Dolce philosophy.
Bridging the reception lobby with the conference area, high-sided sofas envelop guests and offer a degree of privacy during one-to-one breakout sessions or for guests wishing to have a moment to themselves.

The opposite side of the reception lobby leads to the hotels lounge and bar, a visually exciting contrast of rough and smooth textures in a colour palette derived from Bavarias natural environment. As the Dolce Munich is located in a green enclave between the city and the airport, JOI-Design capitalized on the verdant setting by giving the bar an ambiance that invites guests to get cosy around the fire, as if in a mountain lodge tucked into the forest. Various diameters of timber logs are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle inset within a bronze clad wall, while a mosaic of tumbled stones forms an elegantly simple rectangular housing for the fireplace. The irregular markings of the cowhide upholstery and floor rugs are strikingly juxtaposed with the minimalist shape of steel-framed chairs, resulting in a rustic yet well-groomed setting. Round raspberry-hued timber tables provide a rich counterpoint to the primarily neutral colour scheme.

Extending from one end of the bar area to the other is a communal table and stools carved from rough hewn oak. As in time-honoured Bavarian beer cellars, the hubbub of the bar centers on this table yet, although reminiscent of a bygone age, the traditional becomes modern by interposing white lacquered stools between their timber neighbours. Guests wishing for a more intimate conversation can sink into leather club chairs upholstered in the colours of autumnal leaves, while plush rugs laid upon the smoked oak flooring adds to the comfortable character of being in a friends home. Graceful sheers balance out the masculine style of the bars hard surfaces.

Adjacent to the bar is the gourmet restaurant Redox, a celebration of the great Bavarian culinary in heritance. While crisp white tablecloths, antler chandeliers and rich tones of light and dark stained oak evoke the spirit of a fine, traditional German dining hall, JOI has given the space a contemporary twist by adding a backlit wine wall to showcase the bountiful varietals vinified in the region.

In the 255 guestrooms and suites, a neutral, earth-toned palette serves as a canvas for the spacesquirky design accents. Colourful scenes of Munichs historic architecture hang on the wall and contribute an energetic vibe. The traditionally styled cut-out patterns in the lounge rug are reminiscent of decorations on a gingerbread house or embroidery on a pinafore and also add an airy, feminine touch that offsets the strong tones of the smoked oak timber used throughout.

The contrast of light and dark finishes in the bathrooms creates a clean and elegant style. Marmor is used for the bathtubs and showers as well as for the saunas which are exclusive to the suites, while metallic stone floor tiles are used in all room types. The guest bathrooms include a glass window that allows natural light to filter in from the bedroom, as well as double vanities with sculptural sink basins.


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