Docks en Seine Signage

The signage intervention in the building DOCKS en Seine plays with the usual needs of signage and with the context. The building is a sign. It participates in the urban renewal of the 13th district of Paris and it becomes one moment along the Seine, as a sequence, a cursor. This signage project is based on this idea of sequence and also on the idea of promenade, of wandering. The preconception of this signage project is to punctuate this horizontal movement by « beacons », and to create a declension on four levels since the access at the bank level of the Seine towards the rooftop.

The fact of preserve and renovate the existing building keeping the concrete structure offers the support of the signage system, which is as a moulding of this structure, to create a new relation with the architecture. It takes place at different points: circulation, shop, communication, etc. These moulds called « plugs », are separated from their support to become independents. Every plug is in aluminium and unique. They are grouped by type according to their application. The plugs are used like billboards all along the building, and the graphic design, in opposition to the Plugs, could evolve according to the visual identity.

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