Desert Plaza In Barakaldo

The memory of a chaotic industrial site with flying steel pipes, wooden sleepers and rails, spread coal, water pools and wild vegetation is recycled as a non-iconographic atmosphere by means of a numeric process.  Those raw materials are quantified and redistributed on pixel masses or “urban lounges.”  They find their optimal situation making compatible usage conditions, urban and accessibility parameters and climatic issues carrying the system to a final equilibrium.  The new vegetation adapts to the scheme on a series of densities and heights related to privacy, while the lighting systems prefigure algorithmic constellations guiding the user through the alternative typography.  The urban space is self-generated, with codified mixed materials onto an arithmetic landscape with uncertain usage rules defined by the instant interaction with the citizen.


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Barakaldo, Biscay, Spain

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  • NO.MAD
  • Eduardo Arroyo
  • Sergio L. Piñeiro, John Garcés, AIE GALINDO 98
  • Nerea Calvillo Gonzalez, AIE GALINDO 98, José Luis Villanueva, Javier Inclan
  • Fernando Subinas
  • Teresa Galí
  • Geraldine Bruneel, Roland Halbe