D’Casa Hotel

D’ Casa Hotel is hotel that will be built in Bengkulu, which means ” house “. Architect try to design this hotel there are 3 star with a fit -in this budget that have owner.  Architect try to design lengthwise Hotel because that site lengthwise form. Part of hotel design with black and white tone and simple material like plaster – aci regular paint than paint Kamprot that black paint. However, form unit design chamfer the end of room so that create dynamic form and fasade that interesting. In front of the Hotel Area supporting designed with 3 floors with Rooftop Skylounge on the floor for their appearances. This area is designed with the specification that high considering as an area that directly seen for this reason visitors who come. Are covered by playing traditional musical instruments iron is unacceptable when Bengkulu “Dol” which has the shape of drum as modules created façade game is interesting and participate as an element view interior was also. The series iron is using laser technologies cutting. The Area façade front also dominated by glass so impressed luxurious interior and show clearly that visitors are interested in making to come. This Hotel has a Total unit as many as 60 bedrooms, 2 Meeting Room capacity of 10-12 People, seminar room capacity 50 person as many as 3 units that can be connected to the area than function with the capacity 150 people, Rooftop Lounge as urban areas enjoy the atmosphere Bengkulu, Ballroom capacity 1000 people and Presidential Cottage as much as 4 unit which has the shape of a separate Cottage Hotel of the building.


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Bengkulu, Bengkulu, Indonesia

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