Crematorium Heimolen

The design task includes adding a reception building and a crematorium at the existing location of the cemetery. For both practical and environmental reasons, the locations for the ceremony and the actual cremation at the cemetery are separated from on another as far as possible whilst maintaining a notion of the relationship between them.

A programme will, however, normally incorporate a ceremony of two parts. This will include a reception, mourning and processing, all of which are focussed on the living and the earth, and the cremation itself which will lead even the most atheistic of us to cast a glance heavenwards.

The buildings are therefore to be seen as a reflection of one another in horizontal terms, a roof under which reception functions can be housed and a location for the cremation building. This contrasting relationship will be further developed in the materials used and details.


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Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

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  • Sebastian van Damme, Christian Richters, Stijn Bollaert