Copenhagen Airport Terminal Connection

Copenhagen Airport is continuously voted one of the best airports in the world, and is a major hub in Scandinavia. Danielsen Architecture won 1st prize in the competition of designing a new terminal connection building for Copenhagen Airport, and has been responsible for all architectural services regarding design and construction. Part of the client goal was to maintain the position as a world class airport, and the new building was further required to have an iconic architectural expression, while still being contextual with the existing terminal buildings. Further client requirements included, that the 300 m long building was to function as a noise deflector at least 13 m high, and also provide a cantilevered roof for column free bus parking area.

The Terminal Connection represents an unconventional solution to an unconventional design challenge. It is a prime example showing how a well thought out architectural solution can combine government regulations, technical enhancements and client requirements, and actually improve a facility in all aspects with one expressive move. Structurally the building is unusual, as more than 50% of the cross section is cantilevered. The curved steel construction forms distinct pointed arches, which has resulted in many public nicknames such as the “Whale” or the “Cathedral”.

Daylight is an active contributor to the experience as the traveler moves through the building. As the natural light and the weather changes, light is reflected off the exposed structure through carefully placed windows and skylights adding an extra dimension as well as a clear sense of »Airside« and »Landside«.

The Terminal Connection is an example of close collaboration between Client, Contractor, Architect and other consultants to deliver a technically demanding project within a compressed schedule and budget.

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