City Quarter Q6 Q7

Economic incentives and joyful drive: The perfect mix of culture and commerce amid Mannheim‘s best location unfolds its individual way of savoir vivre. In addition to inviting gestures like the Boulevard or the roof-top restaurant with its outside area, the plaza of the multifunctional city quarter Q 6 Q 7 in particular represents the quality of life. This space of encounter and experience in between the two blocks creates identity. The mixture of housing, working, commerce and hotel as well as fitness and wellness is easily identifiable through the architectural breaks in the façade.

The division of Q 6 into smaller entities integrates itself playfully into the urban structure, the vertical cuts define the entrances to the apartments. Generous green inner courtyards define the living and service areas as well as the hotel atmosphere of Q 7.

Various entrances intensify the immediate network of the inner-city ways and shopping arcades between Fressgasse and Planken. Urban space and semipublic areas meet, boarders merge, the inner-city life continues in the building’s inside.

The stone-like structure of the façade unifies the individual appearances of the buildings, supported

by the almost continuously glazed two-storeyed base zone. These shop windows make the building edges transparent. Interior and Exterior merge. The inner-city area at the Fressgasse is most tangible in its entity.

The first floor is casually connected via the sculptural bridge: the light and graceful design integrates itself perfectly. Hotel guests are able to drive directly to the fitness and wellness area in Q 6 via an additional connection on the second floor.

The site Q 6 Q 7 at the Fressgasse – located in immediate connection to the pedestrian zone Planken – creates new values in the region with its exceptional mixture of possibilities.


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Mannheim, Germany

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