Cimmerian: The Dark Sky Hotel

“A bright starlit sky creates in us a sense of awe and wonder at the scale of the universe. Any further encroachment of this precious environment diminishes the nature of what it is to be human.”  —Joan Bakewell

Taking its name from the mythological Greek people who lived in a land of darkness at the edge of the world, Cimmerian is an innovative hotel that has as its main focus the preservation of the sanctity of the night sky and relaxation far from the pressing anxieties of modern life and the light pollution of large cosmopolitan mega-cities—thus, allowing guests, amidst a tranquil serenity, to be immersed and experience the dark beauty of the heavens and the brilliance of the stars. Here, secluded environments are truly immersive—both during the day and night. Discouraging of all forms of technology, Cimmerian is a contemporary approach to monastic living. While at Cimmerian, guests can enjoy quiet underground saunas and pools, walks in the surrounding landscape, breathtaking views of the cosmos and the night sky, and complete disconnection from a busy world—as all technological devices are retrieved from guests and are kept locked from check-in to check-out.


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Ukok Plateau, Russian Federation

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