Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

[Need dialogue here] SOM is designing the new international terminal at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), one of India’s busiest airports. Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd. (MIAL), a joint venture between the GVK-led consortium and Airport Authority of India, is implementing a master plan to build an integrated terminal with a vision and framework to modernize CSIA. Combining international and domestic operations, the 410,000-square-meter (4.4-million-gross-square-foot) Terminal Building, referred to as T2, will serve 40 million people annually and employ innovative swing facilities to optimize 24-hour use. The terminal’s design incorporates a number of sustainable techniques to reduce the impact of such a large facility on its surrounding environment and occupants. A high-performance glazing system will achieve optimal thermal performance. Daylight harvesting is a key focus, ensuring that the terminal will be well lit by natural means. Perforated metal panels integrated with the exterior curtain wall will filter light, and responsive controls will balance outdoor and indoor light levels for optimal energy savings. Green roofs will also reduce energy use, diminishing heat loads and the “heat island effect,” managing storm water run-off, filtering air and rainwater pollutants, and improving acoustical performance. The Terminal Building’s design is contemporary and meets international standards for an airport while also reflecting India’s unique culture. Using warm tones and natural materials inspired by the Indian culture, the interior design aspires to look and feel more like a hotel than a typical functioning airport. For example, custom chandeliers of different sizes at gate lounges were inspired by lotus flowers. These chandeliers are also functional, eliminating the need for down lighting. Local artists and designers were engaged to generate specific interior finishes, including custom stone inlay at entrance vestibules and mirror work installations. Materials were selected for their durability and maintainability and include natural wood, stone, and custom-designed carpets.

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