Central New Mexico – Rio Rancho Campus

As the first building for their Rio Rancho campus, Central New Mexico CNM wanted the building to represent permanence; they intend to be here for 100 years.
CNM also desired to integrate a sense of place through light and views and promote sustainability through materials and reduced energy consumption.
The ability to track time throughout the day and engage with your setting through views and exterior spaces enhance this experience.
It is an opportunity to establish precedent and continue these tenets in future phases.

It is a 66,500 SF, two story steel framed structure, clad in brick and limestone with polished concrete floors. Beneath the parking lot are 200 wells for the ground coupled heat pumps. the hard scape was integrated into he procession to the building and the landscaping tolerant to the climate and animals of the area.


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2601 Campus Drive, Rio Rancho,