Casa CC

The house resides in an splendid semi-arid climate plot of 2,200 m2 at an elevation of 1,450 m above sea level. The climate zone has maximun temperatures above 38 C and lows reaching slightly below -8 C with rare snowfall but common frost from December to March. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Chihuahuan Desert may be the most biologically diverse desert in the world, whether measured on species richness or endemism.

The house occupies a natural ledge in the hillside, facing the view to the east and turning its back to the winds coming from the north, we have privileged the views to the city and the panorama hills of the valley. The house has a mixed structure of steel and concrete, plus outer faces of stone to create a rapport with the surroundings. The inside walls are in white stucco, while the ceilings lined with wood.

The house is developed as one floating volume and a semi buried podium. The main floor accommodates the living and dining spaces, kitchen, studio and the master bedroom. The basement accommodates a multipurpose room and 3 bedrooms. The challenge was to create a house in which each interior space is generally referred to more than one exterior, creating a continuity between landscape and building and transcending conventional distinctions between inside and outside.


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