Car Park One at Chesapeake

Exterior Appearance:

The exterior of the building features staggered metal panels which function to screen views of the vehicles and provide airflow to qualify the building as an open parking structure. The metal panels match details on the adjoining office building. Brise soleil on the west side of the garage visually connects the adjoining office building.


The landscaping materials are consistent with the existing corporate campus grounds and also exceed city standards. There is a rotating program of seasonal color and internal planters at the atrium which mirror the outdoor seasonal plantings.


Each level of the car park features a primary color – Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White – for users to easily navigate through the facility. Elevators are placed on the destination side with windows so users can visually connect the garage and their destination. The stairs improve the experience while being useful. Lighting was added in the stairwells to emphasize the color and level connection and to provide an atmospheric journey.

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