Camping Luca Vuerich

Manufactured and built by DIEMMELEGNO – Friulian company that manufactures and constructs buildings with wooden structure panel x-lam.

The structure, with 9 beds, is located at an altitude of 2531 meters in the Julian Alps, on the crest of the Foronon Buinz group of Montasio along the trail equipped Ceria-Merlone, which starts from fork Lavinal Bear for a breathtaking route altitude the giant stone. She wants to be a niche and shelter for mountaineers and hikers, for lovers of the mountain; built this place to remember Luke Vuerich: mountain guide, climber considered a peak in the international scene, who died in January 2010 at age 34 because an avalanche and climbed a waterfall of ice in the mountains near his Tarvisio.

The camp, built and commissioned by the family of Luke Vuerich along with the Mountain Rescue sect. Cave Predil (Ud), not only remembers to form a chapel, but it is designed to support heavy snow loads that can be stored during the winter in fact it is almost completely submerged in the three sides are less exposed to the sun , while it reveals a south-facing access through the work day of the sun.

The property with an area of ​​16 square meters is made of wood, and is raised from the rocks making 6 rest on concrete piers. Designed and built with the building system panel x-lam, with local spruce.

the elements that compose it have been manufactured and cut to size machine with CNC ground, transported to the site by helicopter and assembled several trips on the spot according to the technical drawings.

After completion of the design and production of the structure – made up of 30 panels x-lam, 3 trusses and main base in larch wood – began the organization phase to allow the transportation portion of the walls and several pieces (all numbered and ready for assembly) as well as coordinate the work force: workers and technicians Diemmelegno, mountain rescue volunteers and friends of Luke, a total of 12 men all ready to “lend a hand” to build this camp. The material, once arrived on the plateau of Montasio was transported by helicopter to share with 18 journeys, waiting for him, on the top, those who work in difficult conditions and with little space they first dropped the packs from the aircraft suspended in flight and then mounted the property in total safety, all within a single day. After a night spent in the bivouac, the next day they were made the works of finishing and coating. From the day of the inauguration has become a destination for mountain lovers both during the harsh winter and summer, as a safe place and protection with a breathtaking mountain goats among rocks and immersed in the silence of nature, as it is essential.


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Julian Alps, Italy

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