Camlica Residences in Istanbul

Aytac architects has found a balance between a hillside site overlooking the bosphorous strait and the usual typology of istanbul housing blocks with their design for the ‘camlica residences’. in response to the dynamic landscape, each building is composed of modular bars that have been bent along the contour lines of the site’s topography and folded and deformed in section. the result is a variety of complex interior and exterior spaces for social interaction among the residents. terraced landscaping allows the buildings to integrate into their site like jigsaw puzzle pieces while providing ample parking below ground. the terraced design also takes advantage of the expansive water front views and the european side of istanbul with the galata tower and sultanahmet. the variety of forms and combinations of the modules for these multilevel houses create a social village in a dynamic urban landscape suitable for wide range of family types and users.


Project Type


Istanbul, Turkey


  • Aytac Architects
  • Moka Studio