Camlica Mosque

Istanbul Camlica Mosque has been located in the heart of the nature and in a Garden of Eden on top of the most visual hill of Istanbul as a structure with the function of not only a prayer space but also as an area where Muslims gather, pray and receive education along with the function of public kitchen. Walls surrounding the mosque become solid in the mihrab wall and transform into a Garden of Eden around the courtyard wall. Spaces acting as social complexes in ‘Kulliye’ structure in Ottoman period existing in many structural masses have been integrated into the Istanbul Camlica Mosque as one structural mass. The mosque, with transparent courtyard walls decorated with roses, jasmines and other flowers with many different colours on the inner and outer surfaces will provide the ambiance and sensation of a Garden of Eden. Two minarets located on the sides of the mosque in Qibla direction will act as shafts aspirating fresh air and provide natural ventilation for the prayer room. Minarets will allow the prayer room to breathe with this new function.


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