Calcutta Leather Complex Govt. of West Bengal Kolkata

Spread over an area of 1100 acres the CLC is the largest integrated industrial complex for the leather industry.VMS designed the Master plan and development of entire external infrastructure including utility buildings. Over 3.5 million m3 of earthwork, 50 km of water distribution network, 30 MLD water supply, 50 km storm water drainage, 6 km internal canals, 45 km of Roads, 50 km of effluent collection network, effluent and sewage pumping stations, etc. were involved in this project. The Master Plan is designed to ensure optimal land utilisation, which was an important criterion for the BOT developer. Innovative features like large water bodies & canals were created within the complex to store sufficient water to last for 30 days. This fulfills the water dependent industry’s needs, while simultaneously getting cheap earth from the site for land filling. The canals dramatically reduce transportation costs of water & work as a low cost fire protection system. Satellite images were used to verify adequacy of ground water to sustain the complex’s long term water requirements.


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Kolkata, India

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