Budget School

The school is an expansion of a vocational high school area of ​​Bogor, West Java . This school as the foundation of our clients, wanted a representative for the school children of this vocational high school students later. But to build this school architects have to fight with a very minimal budget while still trying to produce good quality and healthy space for students and teachers. Architects try to cultivate a building with three levels adjust to the contour of the land that is 3 levels, thus creating a mass of the massing of the building such as stairs 3 pieces masses. Architects use Karachi as accents to beautify the school as well as a non – solid building elements that make the room still has the air circulation and good lighting. Architects create such a green corridor in the area of ​​liaison between the school and a ballroom mass of concrete acian raw materials combined with patterned grass like pattern running, this interface can bermultifungsi area as an area to walk, sit down and discuss, as well as greening good for this school. The building is designed with materials commonly and easily available locally as well as easy as finishing plaster kamprot , acian raw , and ceramics such as brick paste form that is easily obtainable around the site .


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Bogor Raya, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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