Bom Jesus do Aventureiro Church

The initial idea of this proposal is given by the need to transmit a permeability sectorization of the project. Another point taken into account for this concept was to design the project in a way to create the desire of discovering space and inviting people to have the curiosity to understand the design itself.
Three volumes pointed to the sky stood out taking as inspiration the Holy Trinity. These three main volumes are integrated through a central atrium lit.
The mirror of water refers to the sea, and the idea of this proposal is that it enters the parish forming a mirror of water internally within the baptismal chapel. This way people will be baptized in this water current that will flow to the mirror central water referring the remembrance of baptism date whenever you look at the parish.

The tower with the bells was positioned in a way that can spark your reflection in the mirror of water, forming a beautiful view especially at night.


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Joinville, Brazil

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