Clients:                                                                        Tiziana Colombo, Giancarlo Bonini

Date:                                                                           2013

Surface:                                                                       320mq

Day ambient:                                                                110mq

Night:                                                                           60mq

Penthouse:                                                                   50mq

Cost:                                                                           160.000€

Furniture:                                                                      60.000€

Lights:                                                                         Buzzi&Buzzi, Flos

Floor:                                                                           Marazzi Brooklyn gray

Kitchen:                                                                       Boffi

Bath:                                                                            Boffi

Doors:                                                                         L’invisibile

Sofa:                                                                           Ditreitalia

Table:                                                                           Diotti Big table

Chairs:                                                                         Calligaris

Chaise longue:                                                             Bonaldo Dragonfly by Karim Rashid

Handles:                                                                       Olivari Total by R.Dordoni

Skirting:                                                                       Profiltec

switches:                                                                      Jung series LS



What is a home today? As always, as long as it has memory , the family has inhabited a place, the space that has organized and managed according to their needs , customs, ways of life and their occupation times .

Designing a home , renovate it involves tailoring , sewing him to users day and today , in front of yet another change of lifestyle, new uses and enjoyment of domestic applications , it is necessary asking on the direction to be taken to recalibrate the basic concept .

It means to become fully aware of the problems of life today , and draw the boundaries of the areas has become even more important for the speed of change , big spasms and accelerations between the hours of life and rest.

So what’s the answer to the original question ? The house is the still point , stability in the fragmentation of life. To be a point of reference necessarily need to be a place that encloses itself all the virtues and strength to be able to express that sense of peace , order and cleanliness that each of us needs after hours of work and in leisure time .

The house should be relaxing. Stress needs to be out .


The house of Tiziana and Giancarlo was an opportunity to work on these concepts .


Address the design of this house , born fractionated farmhouse , has need a study to reshape the environments designed for a model no longer relevant , no longer feasible, made ??of small rooms connected by consecutive long dark and little corridors.


The search space of the optimization is the first step .


Open areas . Demolished all the walls non-load bearing interior . Light to light and large , volumetric perception . In the process of reorganization emphasis has been given to the absolute frantic search of pure geometry . An almost monumental was stubbornly sought in the lines , proportions, in the choice of materials and colors to give an expressive dignity to the final manifest and recognizable to all areas .

The living area is on the ground floor , one on the first night .

Everything you need to live the house was hidden . From the doors to the side rooms to the furniture . Only essential in view with insertions of elements of furniture design .

No restriction of access between the different environments . The smaller rooms are a store close to everything you need at home and a bathroom / spa included. The rooms do not exist. There are places within the context of a single household .


The first place where gathered the family together in the morning is the same that will bring them back together in the evening . From breakfast to dinner , the hinge is an environment dominated by the peninsula of Boffi equipped , ideal for quickly manage the fragments fastest of the day.


The rest and quiet are guaranteed confined environment . The large sofa Ditre Italia is the sole and undisputed protagonist. Nothing else . Completing the environment, the two sources of care: the fireplace and television.


The fellowship is in the third day of the environments , the most social , designed for gatherings and hospitality. A large table dominates the center , as if to emphasize the geometric rigor and purity of form.


The moment of rest and that of conviviality joined the bench. A tribute to John Pawson as an element that symbolizes the session but also a time of reflection and the union of the inhabitants of the house, deliberately to express in concrete strength , stiffness and strength , the virtues that should always be specific to any household.


Project Type


Castelletto Sopra Ticino, Italy

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