Besançon Franche-Comté TGV station

Like an echo of Besançon’s citadel, Besançon Franche-Comté TGV station’s stone walls stand in the heart of a natural site with very marked relief through which the TGV line passes. Combining Land Art with a functional answer to the need for transfer from one means of transport to another, it marks the landscape with a large composition of walls and bridges which accompany passengers on their journey. Under a wide planted roof forming a natural extension of the land to the South, the volume of the station stretches from the parking areas to the platforms by way of the hall. The hall of the station, which contains the passenger services, is directly linked to the passageways to the platforms accessible via gently sloping ramps. On the same level as the forecourt which accommodates the car drop-off points and taxi ranks, the coach station and the cycle sheds, it provides disabled passengers with direct access to the heart of the station and its services and shops. A gently sloping ramp links the hall with the parking areas located just above, on either side of the pedestrian mall which passes through them to the South.

The platform area accommodates a pre-boarding room with framed views over the countryside to the West, and the station’s operational premises.

An expression of synergy between nature and technology, it is one of the first stations in France to have obtained the “High Environmental Quality” label.


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Auxon-Dessus / Auxon-Dessous, France

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