Beijiao Sports Center

With serving Beijiao’s citizens as its main intention, it is critical for the 47,400 sqm Beijiao Sports Center to project an image of welcoming place, and to be able to serve multiple functions. The forceful image of traditional Sports Architecture as an attraction that is bustle with activity and energy only during and after sports events  should be swapped as a catalyst for enlivening the neighborhood and  the surrounding area during all times of the day.

The dispersed layout generates space with multiple venues for various scale of activities, it is further enforced by the permeable interface between the site and surrounding urban area. The diverse ground leveling can host various types of outdoor activities.

The design ushers the concept of Ecological Architecture by unifying all venues through a central “valley”; naturally, the “valley”generates and encourages a multi-level, and layering of activities within the plaza while still acting as a focal point and streamlining all of the actions. A moderate sized sports field is located at the center of the “valley”, which can also be used as a venue for outdoor performances; the surrounding flow of circulation continues to peel up on the side, and provides a natural grand-stand for the viewing of outdoor performances; the extended grandstands transforms and becomes the roof for the swimming pool, while also acting as a elevated platform for the whole “valley”. The elevated platform provides a pleasant environment in the hot days of summer. The porous geometry of the valley creates multiple and flexible spatial conditions which promotes the diversity of cultural , economic, and civic activities that can transpire not only within the Beijiao Sports Center, but also beyond.


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Foshan, China

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