B&B Hotel

The B&B hotel is located in the new urban development zone of Reims Bezannes, in front of the Champagne-Ardenne TGV station, at the foot of the tramway terminus connecting the site in the centre of Reims. It is also perfectly served by the road networks, of which the A4 highway is located in the south of the station.

Its volume in the shape of set square allows to organise the functions and the spaces of the hotel:

–       Its two South and East “city” facades align themselves respectively with the Alfred Nobel pedestrian square and on an axis in connection with the main road networks of the urban development zone and Frédéric Passy street. Their mineral facing is an echo to the stone of the station facade and is harmonised with the clear ground of the neighbouring esplanade.

–       The access to the hotel located in the angle of both facades is underlined by a glazed bow window on all the height.

–       The angle made by both main buildings structures a more confidential internal space, reserved for the car park of customers and deliveries vehicles.

A set of environmental concepts has supported the design: a local stone for the facades; the insulation from outside; a system of double flow heating-air conditioning; the regulation of rainwater; a vegetated roof except for elements masked by a metallic headband.

The alignment formed by trees and massifs of bushes chosen among local plants filters from the street, views on the hotel services spaces and is use a natural limit to the property avoiding the construction of low walls.




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Reims / Bezannes, France

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