Baltic Beach Hotel

The hotel contains of an already existing and a new building – both are designed to be in a constant dialogue without being dependent from each other.

The heart of the concept is the main lobby. By granting it a lot of open space we emphasize the importance of it.

Visitors have the opportunity to reach every zone of the complex via the lobby – but they do not necessarily have to. Since all elements are connected to each other guests can reach the spa area directly from their rooms without being forced to pass the main lobby. Additionally to the five-star-spa area there are restaurants, a bar and several shops placed in the hotel – almost all of them with an amazing view to the sea side.

At the back of the hotel building services such as mechanical, electrical and pluming rooms and the main kitchen are placed. Car parking areas are located at the basement of the hotel.

A big canopy is the main architectural link between the old and the new building and connects the drop off zone in front of the hotel with the separate entrance to the business centre and the ballroom.

The roof top terrace consists of an open air bar, green areas and an infinity pool which is suggestive of being never-ending. Another special feature up there is the breathtaking view.

The outdoor pool and its facilities are placed in between buildings in a wind protected area.

As well as the spa area also the business centre has its connection to the main lobby but comes with an own reception and entrance too. It contains no only different sized conference rooms but also a big ball room for plenary meetings, which can also be used for weddings or other big celebrations.

Every guest room in the hotel has either its own balcony or a spacious terrace – as many of them as possible with a view at the sea. On the seventh floor there are executive suits as well as an executive lounge. The eighth floor offers a presidential suit – from up there visitors will have the best view at the sea.

Additional to all these special offers there are also apartments either to be used for permanent stay or as cosy holiday homes. They are concentrated in an individual building block, which is also connected to the lobby but has its own separated entrances.

The elements of the hotel are connected to each other but also remain self-contained components. Or to quote Aristotle: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


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Jurmala, Latvia

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