Back To Life- Recreation and Health Care Center

“Imagine walking through the halls of a hospital. Look to the left and right. Peek inside the patient lounge. What do you see?
Chances are youre not seeing a cozy loft or an indoor garden. No, youre probably imagining green tiles, institutional couches, fluorescent lights, and stale coffee in Styrofoam cups. Thats right: hospital architecture designs are sterilized, cold, and ugly.” After finishing the treatment course on a dangerous disease, the patient needs to change the environment that he was in. “To get back to Life”. The journey will be long to leave his fears behind because it is natural for anyone who has finished cancer treatment to be concerned about what the future holds. Many people worry about the way they look and feel and about whether the cancer will come back. Others wonder what they can do to keep cancer from coming back. Understanding what to expect after cancer treatment can help survivors and their families plan for follow-up care, make lifestyle changes, stay hopeful, and make important decisions. Just as cancer treatment affects your physical health, it affects the way you feel, think, and do the things you like to do. Besides causing many emotions that may surprise you, the treatment may actually change the way your brain works. Just as you need to take care of your body after treatment, you need to take care of your emotions. The emotions will be back to the body by experience the nature, to walk by a water side, to swim, to relax and to see the others enjoying the nature.
A mountain and a valley were chosen in Tal Alrumman to make a project which concerns to rehabilitate the patients. Tal Alrumman is one of the most interesting sites in Jordan near Amman. It is easily reached. It is overlooking on a 55 surrounding hills and mountains. It is near the biggest Dam in Jordan King Talals Dam. The master plan consists of: an artificial Lake, a colored garden, and health care center.
The main idea is to make a shift between being a patient and having a regular life, the shift also indicates to the change of direction on an eternal nature which keeps adding to itself through time, this change in direction is not only compositional but can affect many aspects like the social, which meantime recognizes the patient as a healthy person without knowing that he needs additions treatments.
Health care center:
The composition of this project describes itself as a continuity of the slopped terrain, that the natural forces of the site sculpted the composition, then that the function complemented the spaces of the composition by introducing the play between the light and the shadow. A simulation of a tree shadow is applied by the sun effect for the rectangles.
The project provides a wide range of leisure facilities like gym, spa, sport facilities and lodges that will give the patient a wide variety of functions to help them to forget their disease, not to be stressed, to do the required exercises, to dance, to move and to share personal stories. It also contains a sculptural piece that provides information about the ecological status of the region. It provides also a lot of information for taking care of ones health after getting treated, the goal of this piece is to Improve memory and concentration.


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Tal Alrumman,