Atnachta café

Atnachta café

College girl by day and dirty minded lady by night?

A local coffee house that transform itself to a dark alcohol bar when sun goes down.

Transforming space, the kind that knows how to create an intimate atmosphere of a neighborhood café and from the exact same components creates the atmosphere of a pickup bar.

The café is situated on the corner of a busy street in central Tel Aviv and designed so that the external sitting area will slide into the interior area and give the effect of one big combined space.

In center of space we placed a seating bar and above that bar floating an oak wood construction, like a modern Skelton that simulates a wingspan of a giant bird.

Unique lighting fixtures, built from real pigeon feathers, designed to be alight with the elegant warm as a ghostly presence of the bird itself.

Main walls covered with concrete tiles, embedded with authentic illustration, giving a feel of natural material.

The floor is covered with illustrated concrete colored tiles, simulating the historic Tel Aviv’s old houses floors.

Some of space walls are painted using special technique, created by pouring paint on the wall in a variety of shades and colors with the use of syringes.

The place lighting at night becomes the main player in the show setting, and produces different drama on the same materials that during daytime were perfect setting to coffee house.


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Tel Aviv, IL, Israel

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