Askaria House

The house is located in Tanjung Duren, designed with economics concept  yet aesthetically. The WF steel structures was chosen because the consideration of rapid finishing time and relatively economic. The WF steels combine into these aesthetic elementswhich expose it structure and done in black paint and have some playing lamps between them. All the materials used here, almost entirely with unfinished floorsusing the raw acian and it walls with Dutch teak wood, so the industrial interior homey atmosphere is present. The layout of the rooms designed functionally with optimal size, and of course with a small garden at the back of the house to keep the house with light and fresh air. On the facade of the building, it uses woodswith steel frame that can be moved and divided into 5 leaves with a rail respectively. It makes the house facade can be fickle and shifted according to the function  desired. The cramped outdoor garden designed with premises of interaction area with a concrete chairs as trimmings.


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Duri Kepa, Jakarta, Indonesia

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