The Financial Group Aserta emerges from the merger of Afianzadora Aserta and Afianzadora Insurgentes forming one of the largest Surety Groups in Mexico, which required remodeling their offices and we took advantage of the change to strengthen the company culture and create an innovative and transparent form of improving team work and the productivity of the users.


Our design starts from the 8th floor which is a central floor and functions as a working lounge and the heart and soul of the project; on this floor not only is it possible to promote wellbeing with balanced meals promoting the health of the user, but there are also new forms of interacting with others, where hierarchical barriers are broken down and there is transparency and accessibility to leaders who are a crucial part of the project.

From this floor it was possible to spread this communication and transparency to the 7th and 9th floors, through a focal point staircase of white marble connecting the 3 floors, also integrating a large window that lets in lots of light and offers a great south facing view of Mexico City.


When entering the floors we have a kind of membrane on the ceiling that leads to casual collision areas surrounded by a series of meeting rooms, leaving this part as semi-public areas and they are contained by glass spaces with curved forms that pass through to the open area, which is bathed with a series of hanging cards and hexagonal forms with colors specific to each floor.


For the client it is very important to permeate the culture and they were collaborated with in order to produce icons of the intellectual, artistic and musical culture of the world that would serve as inspiration for innovation in the work processes. This was done through a treatment of stickers on glass and on walls, with music icons on the 7th floor, visual artists and painters for the 8th floor and for the 9th floor people who have caused change or been turning points because of their inventions or discoveries.


The image in general creates an environment full of life and color that in the design of both carpets and ceilings sends the message that it is an innovative and visionary company that through this project reaffirmed the company culture and improved its productivity, accessibility and the communication among users.



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Insurgentes Avenue, Mexico City, Mexico

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