Architecture Studio in Cizur Menor

It was necessary to eliminate the divisions in order to obtain a free space on both floors: the offices and the architects studio. Inside this free space, the existing structure and the built elements, which have been properly repaired and painted, are visible and add a timeless characteristic which contrasts with the new elements. The project has been planned as a total rehabilitation of the building preserving its original structure and elements. The inside and outside area of the building have been treated in different ways. The outside treatment respects the volumetric size of the building through the exclusive use of one unifying material. This treatment defines the new image of the building as clear and ordered thanks to the special disposition of the materials.

The suitability of the studios location for energy efficiency determined the utilization of a deck which includes a high capacity system that uses the radiant energy to minimize the energy consumption. This system avoids the unnecessary and excessive consumption of energy by avoiding the usual air temperature fluctuation, by increasing the air renovation in the building improving the comfort and health conditions and by minimizing the risk of construction pathologies.


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Larrascuncea sn, Cizur Menor, 31190,