Apartment in Yerevan

Apartment Design on Abovyan str. in Yerevan, Armenia


Address: Abovyan str., Yerevan, Armenia
Area: 99.9 m²
Project year: 2013
Implementation: 2013


The aim was to create a contemporary domestic environment functional in every aspect. One of the key features of the interior is the usage of natural materials such as wood (Burma Teak, Whitened Oak) and stone (Travertine).

The main idea in the hall was to clean up the structure and use the niches to build floor-to-ceiling closets and place tall mirrors to extend the feeling of width in the narrow hallway. The door to the living room was removed  in order to be able to view the full length of the open space. A wall covered with natural Travertine provides visitors to the open space.

Travertine and Burma Teak were chosen for the main material palette for the open space. The design is based on the composition of simple forms and volumes.
The final result is achieved by the interplay of space, materials, contemporary furniture and lighting, which gives out a warm, white glow that softens the interior.

There are two bedrooms in the apartment: the master bedroom with a child’s zone and a room for parents of the homeowner. A relaxing atmosphere was created in both spaces. The irregularity in the existing architecture was used to create build floor-to-ceiling closets in bedrooms. Floors are made of Whitened Oak.


3D modeling and visualization: Tigran HOVSEPYAN
Photographer: Suren MANVELYAN


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Abovyan str., Yerevan, Armenia

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