Anthropologie Hunstville

A lush, green, vertical landscape was envisioned as a new kind of facade for a national retailers presence in Huntsville, Alabama. We had designed several stores for the client, each with the challenge of creating a distinct response to factors such as the landscape, culture and history of the location while maintaining the core values of their very successful brand.

Our vision for the Huntsville store turned into what was at the time the largest Green Wall installation in North America. The soil-based walls are planted with a variety of sedum genus and constructed of stainless steel panels which clip to a rail system. The living walls bloom in the spring and stay green in the colder months when they provide extra insulation to reduce energy use. In the summer, the south and south-east facing walls absorb UV rays, cooling the interior of the building. As the living walls change through the seasons the plant life brings a natural textural element into the anonymity of the typical suburban lifestyle center. Living walls alter the ecosystem in positive ways; cleaning the air and attracting wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds. The walls are bordered by white washed slats of reclaimed barnwood that were conceived as an intuitive response to the rich landscape of the south. The barnwood slats screen the windows to keep the hot southern sun from warming the interior in the summer. The combination of the whitewashed wood and green plants is a modern interpretation of the weathered wood fences, ancient barns and grassy hills that scatter Alabama. Ultimately the living wall facade helps to support an awareness of the environment and establish a more modern way of experiencing nature.

The store has become a destination for people in the area. Families come to look at the insects and small flowers within the sedum and couples have wedding portraits taken in front of the wall. The store is a major success for the brand.


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345 The Bridge St, Huntsville, Alabama, 35806, United States

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