Advertise Apartment

“Advertise Yours!” is  a suitable slogan for the occupants of the apartment, because the owner is a CEO of a company engaged in the field of Advertising. Architects tried to explore the character and applying it to the interior design of its Apartment Residence 8 ‘s. Trying to find symbol of advertising, architects find the image in the form of billboards along the streets of Tokyo and the Americans who made the architect took the shape and position of the board into the shape of furniture back and forth with the basic shapes such as cubes and blocks billboards. But what may represent advertise on the residents themselves? Architects then use a mirror as a symbol of the client’s family that can be advertised from himself. Mirror as a symbol of self – advertised as well as an addition to reaching effects on the apartment interiors. In addition to digging philosophical form, the architects also gave memorable touch warm and woody tone through vinyl materials that resemble wood and tacosheet and tone beige walls and floor, of course equipped with warmlight yellow to create a good impression for residents and family separate.


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Senopati, Jakarta, Indonesia

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