Adobe Systems Utah Campus

Adobe Systems Previously Omniture, Adobe Systems has a fresh headquarters for its brand-new acquisition. A 600,000-square-foot campus now stands that matches the Adobe reputation for innovation.

Adobe has been at the forefront of multimedia software since the beginning, but the transition of its headquarters to the newly developed “Silicon Slope” outside Salt Lake City needed to be as big as its name to put the new spot on the map. The new building connects the contemporary and innovative brand to its space for a meaningful experience.

The striking exterior aesthetic is integrated internally, blending the overall design throughout the entire campus. The intent is to tell the Adobe story inside and out. Thus, a tribute to creativity and design is poured into each corner of the building, including a 75-foot mural of a girl drawing on a table, created by a commissioned street artist from LA.

The challenge was to create a building that would be inspiring enough to draw attention to even the remote location on Lehi, Utah where the new campus would sit. The answer is found through building identity through a brand. Everything from the striking exterior architecture to the 80,000+ sq feet of common areas inside is all focused on fostering a strong connection between culture and brand through design.


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Lehi, Utah, United States

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