A+animal Hospital

A+ animal hospital interior design ventures what values atypical design could make in 53㎡, offering an utilitarian furniture fit into the programs. It was a critical challenge to make a spacious amusement place for pets, even 5 clinic rooms are necessary to operate the hospital. It was a main concern that the interior image from a street produces a symbol of A+ animal hospital as well as atypical design language produces all the required space in 53㎡. It was important to re interpret programs as much as to design space efficient furniture. The hall and pets’ amusement area are integrated to make public space as spacious as possible. Atypical shelves made of white washed pine plywood discretize the space into public area_ amusement and hall area and private area_clinic rooms. The shelves function as pet hotel & pet goods display space as well as pet amusement features depending on the position. It makes the clinic rooms 10cm larger and possibly responds to latent requirements. Multi functioned wood shelves covering all over the public space make the space very warm with lighting system as well as make atmosphere rational but beautiful, generous but dynamic.


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Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea Republic of

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