5 Senses Lounge Bar

The 5 Senses Lounge bar was created with a clear premise: uniqueness and an exclusive treatment for the customer. It is a singular space that is capable of generating several various perceptions simultaneously: visual, chromatic, auditory, sensory… The solution is a three-dimensional metal grid that consists of more than 400 different pieces, which are deformed, stretched, shaped and adapted to the existing architecture of the building.

The primary components of construction within the Lounge Bar are:

1. Steel mesh structure. This complex netting of steel mesh, cut by numerically controlled machines, configures both the exterior glass and the interior spaces.

2. Multiple geometries. This mesh structure is composed of several different geometries, creating subtle variety and interest.

3. Light and color. Six separate RGB light levels permit the lighting of each zone within the bar. The many faces of the structure of the 5 Senses Lounge bar act as a framework for this play of light and color.

The 5 Senses Lounge Bar is a space, capable of stimulating all senses at one time. A single shell that generates the entire space while separating it visually, it is a single solution with a multiplicity of variables. Its varying structures lend the feeling of exclusivity and separation within each of its sections, yet allow it to remain cohesive because of the consistent motif of geometry throughout the bar.


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