Beach House

From the architect. A new, self-contained timber pavilion added to a 1970s beach house provides the owners with a retreat from the main house. Accentuating the link between old and new, utilising natural materials and exploiting the site’s landfall com­bine to create maximum effect with minimum site impact and cost.

The pavilion explores the idea of the timber beach shack, where there is a deep connection with its environment experienced from within. Delight in the engagement with light, shadow and wind.  The compact pavilion (48m2) is connected to the original house via a fibreglass-clad linking structure, which acts as a new entry to both elements. This new entry illuminates at night, acting as a beacon welcoming those arriving. Timber decking, raw pine studs and expressed fixings celebrate the modest construction methods of the link. The materials selected have minimal in­sulative properties, exposing the occupant to the thermal and lighting conditions of outside. This physical ‘awakening’ height­ens the transition between old and new.  The pavilion and house provide versatile space for relaxation and entertainment, as comfortable for a couple as for several families.



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  • Clare Cousins