3M Project Vitality

Building on 3M’s longstanding collaborative work ethos, THERE were asked to create a compelling and extensive environment that emphasised collaborative thinking and the chain reaction of ideas throughout their 8,000sqm Australian headquarters.

After discussions with 3M and researching the extensive image library, an occurrence of geometric shapes was revealed through the macro-photography of their micro-replication technology used in a lot of their products.

These geometric shapes were then developed as a common visual language across all levels to aid uniformity and connectivity. Each level was then distinguished with a different geometric base shape – circle, triangle, diamond and hexagon, to give a sense of individuality to departments.

This graphic strategy was then applied across lobby entrance glazing, meeting rooms, laboratories and wall graphics as well as common break-out areas and helped create a strong transitional spatial experience.

Ideas around human interaction, collaboration and creativity, can also be seen on a section flanking the largest breakout area in the building. Unique 3M facts and achievements were interpreted on a 25m long, hand drawn, mind map feature wall.

Over fifteen large scale illustrative and graphically treated portraits can be seen throughout the workspace and pay homage to notable important innovators and scientists from 3M’s history.

This rich heritage of the worlds foremost global technology brand is further evident in the ground floor entrance foyer with an unconventional visual timeline showcasing the company’s logo evolution through the years. The 100sqm wall is made from horizontal slats routed at different depths to form the various logos, creating an imposing and impressive arrival experience.

The project also included an extensive program of wayfinding, identification and statutory signage, including large-scale carpark super graphics.


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North Ryde, NSW, Australia

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