230 Halsey Street

Teachers Village at Four Corners is a mixed-use development envisioned for downtown Newark south of Market Street and west of Broad Street. Teachers Village, which will encompass seven new buildings and the restoration of the existing Calumet Building structure, includes Workforce Housing, Charter Schools and small to mid-scale retail located along Halsey Street between Branford Place and Hill Street. These elements will provide 200 residential units for teachers, comprised mainly of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, three charter schools, a daycare center and a variety of retail spaces at street level. Sustainable design, new landscaping and streetscape improvements, including signage, are integral to the goal of creating an exemplary design for a flourishing community in Newark.

Each new building is site specific and is designed relative to its context. Street wall heights are regulated in accordance with the Newark Living Downtown Plan and provide a rich variety of street conditions. Fa├žade materials are glass curtainwall, metal panel, fiber cement board, and brick.

The new Halsey Street retail corridor is at the heart of the development and offers a mix of venues for vibrant street life. The residential spaces and schools above are designed with generous windows that are open to the light, energy, and activity of the streets below.

As required by the Newark Living Downtown Plan, all of the new building fronts facing Halsey Street are four stories tall, not exceeding 60 feet in height. As permitted by zoning regulations, the buildings set back from Halsey Street above 60 feet and grow in height, reaching a maximum of 6 stories. A portion of most roofs and elevated courtyards will be green roofs.


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Newark, New Jersey, United States

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  • Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP
  • Richard Meier, Dukho Yeon
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  • Steven Sze, Courtesy of Richard Meier & Partners