Zola ZNC

The ZNC  (Zola No Compromise) is born out of Zola Window’s unwavering belief that a passive house window must not only boast outstanding thermal performance and be extremely airtight, but should also be precision crafted with responsibly harvested wood and be available in a myriad of standard finish and color options. The new ZNC window features a slim profile design, with concealed premium hinges and rail mounted rainscreen cladding and powder coated aluminum exterior for longevity.


ZNC is the first window on the market to be certified by both Passive House Institute and Passive House Institute U.S., and available with R-15 quad glazing. Suitable for all ultra high performance buildings, ZNC Fixed Windows can be as large as 8-feet wide and 10-feet high, and Tilt & Turn Windows as large as 5-feet wide by 9-feet high.