Windfall Color Cladding

Windfall Color Cladding is the result of a fresh new collaboration with YOLO Colorhouse. Combining premium, zero VOC interior paint with Windfall Lumber’s reclaimed Wall Cladding series.

Windfall Color Cladding brings a lively palette of saturated hues, ranging from vibrant to earthy tones that enhance the natural texture and warmth of the wood grain. The line’s twelve colors provide a rainbow of options to enliven any interior space when paired with coordinating colors, or used solo.

Windfall Cladding is handmade from FSC certified Douglas fir and hemlock, reclaimed from solid and glue laminated beams and lumber taken from deconstructed industrial, agricultural, and residential buildings in the Pacific Northwest. The cladding has tongue and groove sides with beveled edges.

Windfall Color Cladding, a dimensionally stable product, is durable and designed for longevity in commercial, multi-family, hospitality, retail and residential settings among others. Windfall Color Cladding adds warmth to large and small areas, and is being used by sustainably minded interior designers, architects, builders and homeowners.