Water Conservation

Since 1906, Sloan Valve has been the world’s leading manufacturer of water-efficient solutions that are built to perform, guaranteed to last, and are designed with the hopes of promoting a healthy environment through water conservation. Each of our divisions specializes in helping us offer reliable products that will ultimately improve the quality of life of the customers and communities we serve.

We at Sloan understand that people have a choice when choosing their plumbing products.  In an environment where many companies are looking to find ways to be more conscientious about their consumption of energy, water, and waste biproducts, Sloan has been providing facilities around the world plumbing solutions to help reduce water and energy consumption, as well reduce maintenance costs.

This section outlines the commitment to green building design by showcasing stories of how facilities around the world were able to decrease their carbon footprint by using Sloan products.  Facilities in the educational, Healthcare, Institutional, Airport / Stadium, and commercial sectors explain how choosing Sloan meant reaching their goal.

This is something that Sloan does not take for granted. With over 100 years in the plumbing industry, Sloan has reduced its standard flush rate on a flushometer by over 3 gallons per flush, reduced health risks through the design of sensor activated technologies, and led the efforts to produce sustainable products with Cradle to Cradle certification on its manual flushometers.

Not only does Sloan incorporate sustainability in the design of its products, but also in the facilities it occupies.  With the purchase of renewable energy credits, Sloan is able to offset all of its energy costs through wind power.  Furthermore, 2 wind mills and a solar array located at Sloan’s world headquarters reduce our carbon footprint.