Vasto: Leisteen Bladfineer

Vasto Projectenbureau b.v. from The Netherlands has introduced a new product with endless possibilities. Genuine natural stone, with a thickness of just 3 mm, bendable, water resistant, flexible, fire resistant and available in 18 different colors and structures. We call it Leisteen Bladfineer (Thin Slate Veneer).

Product Information
Thin Slate Veneer has a 100% natural stone top layer on a fiberglass polyester backing. Standard sizes of the sheets are 61 x 122 cm. Thickness varies from 1 to 3 mm and the sheets are also available with a fleece backing or stick and peel backing. Thin Slate Veneer is currently available in 18 different colors and textures. There are even some translucent colors available. Because of the minor weight, it’s flexibility and water resistance backing, Thin Slate Veneer is widely applicable.

Thin Slate Veneer can be cut to size easily with ironmonger’s scissors or any appropriate wood-working tool. Subsequently it can be glued with a standard PU- or wood glue, depending on the surface. Especially (half)round structures, such as pillars, ships and receptions desks are suitable for cladding with this product. But also in kitchens, shops, restaurants and on stairs one can easily achieve a very luxurious effect in a simple and affordable way.