In 2004 i designed a new and innovative product called Swartiles. Swartiles are featured at materia inspiration center and part of the traveling exposition of Materia for years now (http://www.materia.com).
It started out when i milled patterns into the surface of existing tiles. This resulted in grout patterns (‘voegpatronen’ in Dutch) Normally grout is pure functional, but now, in the ceramic version, it becomes the main feature; decoration.
The latest addition is a luminescent filling for the patterns.
At this point in time it can work with many different materials; plywood, plastic, concrete, Trespa MDF and ceramic. For now i work with and for architects or other clients and create custom designs for a striking wall, floor or ceiling experience. I’m still searching for a manufacturer to get Swartiles produced on a larger scale and with some basic designs.