Soundwave® Stand

Soundwave® Stand is a tool for architects and consists of a frame onto which all Offecct’s sound panels in the Soundwave®-series can be fixed.

The device fits discretely into all environments without being seen – instead it accentuates the panels used. The design of Soundwave® Stand is thereby very closely connected to Hutten’s own design concept “No Sign of Design” where the products should feel entirely natural in its surrounding.

Soundwave® Stand makes it possible to create room within a room and give spatial direction and is an important tool for the so called A2-concept where activities dictate the working area which can easily be formed after the needs that arise. Soundwave® Stand and the Soundwave panels can be combined in infinite ways and provides architects with great possibilities for variation in many environments.

In addition to these aesthetic and practical features, Soundwave® Stand offers an easy way to integrate sound-absorbing elements in public spaces. Soundwave® panels are designed to absorb unwanted and disturbing noise in a room and are available in various designs and colors.


Soundwave® Stand